The nlOUG organises regular meetups with a focus on a particular application area in relation to Oracle technology. Meetups are (monthly) theme-based meetings. They bring together nlOUG members, end users, partners and freelancers. The aim of these meetups is to bring together, develop and share knowledge and experience with nlOUG members. Each meetup is devoted to a particular theme, with users sharing their experiences and/or giving product presentations.

In addition to the meetups, nLOUG organizes various annual conferences such as APEX World and Database Cloud Day.

The following focus areas are active within nlOUG:

–    Emerging Technologies

–    Integration & Processes

–    Data & Analytics

–    APEX

–    DBA

–    Public Cloud

If you have any questions, comments, topics or want to know more, please contact the Event Manager of the nlOUG.

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