APEX World 2023

30 March 2023 08:30
31 March 2023 17:30
KNVB Campus in Zeist


The 13th edition of APEX World.

APEX World 30 & 31 March 2023!


APEX World 2023 will be held on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 March 2023 at the KNVB Campus in Zeist.

This year’s theme: Let’s integrate! In addition to keynotes, including those delivered by the Oracle APEX team, and a wide range of parallel sessions during both days, this year’s APEX World will again feature Customer Cases, Deep dive sessions and two hands-on sessions on the agenda*.

APEX World 2023

International speakers at APEX World 2023 include: Matt Mulvaney, Karen Cannell and Mirela Ardelean. Renowned Dutch and Belgian speakers such as Richard Martens and Dimitri Gielis have also agreed to participate.

Our keynotes will be announced soon. Keep a close eye on our socials and website!

The first day of APEX World will traditionally conclude with a sumptuous dinner buffet with plenty of networking opportunities.

For the full program of APEX World, click on one of the images below.

APEX World program      Full Program APEX World 2023 with Abstracts

Our keynotes:

Thursday 9.30-10.30 AM:

Marc Sewtz – Oracle APEX in 2023

Oracle APEX continues its momentum, inside Oracle and within the global Low Code development community. In this session, we’ll take a retrospective of significant milestones over the past year and explore what lies ahead. We’ll show some of the new features to look forward to in APEX 23.1, including Template Reports using our new Dynamic Templates, easier invocation of REST APIs, advances to PWAs, a new option to run page processes in the background and closer integration with SQL Developer Web. We’ll conclude this session with a preview of the Oracle APEX roadmap for 23.2 and beyond.

Marc Sewtz is Senior Director of Software Development at Oracle in New York City. He is responsible for the development and delivery of Oracle Application Express (APEX). Leads a global software development team. Marc joined Oracle in 1998, working several years for Oracle Consulting in Europe and the US. Joined the APEX development team in 2002.

Friday 9.15-10.15 AM:

Andreea Munteanu – Leverage your internal processes using REST Synchronization and Automations

As a developer, you may encounter a lot of use cases where you need to manipulate and analyze external data sources. How you do it in an easy way and centralize it in a single application? Well, using REST features and automations in APEX has never been simpler. Following the latest releases of APEX, handling REST APIs and automate processes based on them reduces complexity and your app becomes your single point of truth. We will have a closer look on a Jira Service Desk integration with Oracle APEX, a way to keep track of the tickets for your specific projects. A detailed walk-through the REST endpoints along with building automated processes to support the data analysis will be covered in the session. As a low-code platform, APEX helps developers use features like REST Synchronization and Automations in a declaratively manner, however, another option is also using APEX APIs. Examples on how to use their respective APEX APIs will be provided as well as tips to handle potential errors.

Andreea Munteanu is a member of the APEX Development Team at Oracle. She started as an Oracle Database developer in 2014 and extended her area of interest to Oracle Application Express and several data integration solutions. Andreea was involved in a wide range of projects, helping customers get the most out of their Oracle Database both in the cloud and on-premises using the latest data management solutions and collaborating with international project teams.

Fridag 04.00-05.00 PM:

Menno Hoogendijk – The evolution of templates

In APEX 23.1, we are introducing two new game-changing features for templates. To understand which problem they solve, we will take a step back and talk a bit about the evolution of templates. Templates used to be simple and only supported substitutions. Added features over the years are: escape mode modifiers, quote syntax, and text message substitution. A significant change in APEX 20.2 was the introduction of Template Directives. These “special” tokens in a template control how the text around it is processed. APEX 23.1 takes Template Directives to the next level. Learn all about Dynamic Templates and Template Reports in this session.

Menno Hoogendijk

Menno Hoogendijk joined Oracle as a member of the Oracle APEX Development Team in 2019. His work includes Native Report Printing and Enhanced Templates. Researching, learning each day. Presenting at APEX conferences drives him. Menno lives in the Netherlands and you can follow @mennooo on Twitter.



This year, we are also doing our best to put up another student track.

Click here for all information!





Prices for APEX World 2023

Members: € 330,- excl. VAT (€ 399,30 incl. VAT)
Non-members: € 595,- excl. VAT (€ 719,95 incl. VAT)
Included in the price: 2 days access to ‘APEX World 2023!’ including all keynotes, parallel sessions and handson sessions (bring your own laptop!), catering including walking dinner on the first day and free parking on KNVB grounds.


Once again this year, we have been able to agree a special rate for overnight accommodation including breakfast at the nearby Hotel Restaurant Oud London and Woudschoten Hotel & Conference Centre for participants of APEX World 2023. After registering for APEX World, you can request a promotion code by sending an e-mail to secretariaat@nloug.nl. You will then also receive booking instructions and accommodation options.


If you have any questions about registrations, sponsorship information, or other questions regarding APEX World 2023, please email the organisation: secretariaat@nloug.nl.


*Event and programme subject to last-minute changes.

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