Meetup: APEX and AI

4 September 2024 17:15
Oracle HQ, Utrecht


APEX and AI are the focus of the 4 September meeting.

Not so much the integration of AI into APEX – there isn’t any at the moment – but what you can do with AI and APEX now, tomorrow after the first cup of coffee. At this meeting, Dick Dral and Boyd Timmerman will share their experiences.

All come!

Dick Dral –¬†AI supported software development

AI is the big hype of this moment. Everybody talks about how it might replace a lot of jobs, including those of the software developer. Right now, this certainly is not the case yet. But there is a lot to be gained for the software developer using AI. There are a number of coding tools on the market that support coding using AI. As a software developer I was curious to see how my own work as an Oracle SQL, PL/SQL and APEX developer can be supported by AI-tools. I have tried a number of tools and in the presentation I will discuss how and to what extent these have helped me in my daily job as a programmer. I will demonstrate the most useful tools with real life examples and go into the productivity gains I have accomplished using these tools. Your can use the info from this presentation to boost your own productivity.

Boyd Timmerman –¬†Conversational AI Mastery: Unleashing the Power of Oracle Digital Assistant in APEX Development

Oracle Digital Assistant is a conversational AI platform that allows you to build chatbots and digital assistants to engage with users naturally. By combining this technology with APEX applications you can provide users with a conversational interface to interact with your applications, making the user experience more engaging and efficient. This presentation will learn you how to integrate Oracle Digital Assistant into a APEX application. By walking through the OCI setup and the necessary actions in APEX. Discover how this integration empowers developers to craft user-friendly applications with cutting-edge AI capabilities, revolutionizing the landscape of Oracle APEX development.

17.15 uur reception with sandwiches
18.00 uur start meetup part 1 Dick Dral
19.00 uur break
19.15 -20.15 uur meetup part 2 Boyd Timmerman

Oracle HQ
Hertogswetering 163-167
3543 AS Utrecht


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