The partner programme is open to Oracle partners as well as organisations that use Oracle (based in the Dutch language area). It gives organisations the opportunity to profile themselves in the Oracle community. For a fixed annual contribution, companies can show their commitment. In doing so, they increase nlOUG’s financial opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience and contribute to a growing and vibrant community. Naturally, we offer a number of special benefits for partners:

  • Association with nlOUG and the possibility to mention the partnership on commercial expressions;
  • 20% discount on all event sponsorship discount on event sponsorship and advertisements with a maximum of € 1,000 per event;
  • Participation Technology Forum when organised by the nlOUG;
  • Incl. premium corporate membership;
  • One ‘own’ theme meeting/meetup mentioned on the nlOUG site and to which the nlOUG invites its members (at own costs);
  • Banner on nlOUG site and mention of partner page with link to own website;
  • Mention in every nlOUG Visie magazine.

The cost of the nlOUG partner programme is €3,150 per year. Participation in the partner programme is tacitly renewed per calendar year until revocation.

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